How to Demolish a Garage

If you’re planning to build a new garage somewhere else in your property and want to demolish the old one, you can do the same strategy that contractors of Houston demolition do. Garage demolition is not something that you can do alone, but with the help of your few friends you can achieve this. It’s a little bit laborious, but it’s not that overwhelming as you think it is. When demolishing a garage, you have to formulate a systematic approach so nothing would go wrong.  

You can start working at the top making your way down while keeping the framing standing together. This will make your work safer, and you don’t have to spend too much labor on it. What you have to worry about is how to dispose the debris, are you going to tear it down all or are you going to recycle some? We will tell you how to successfully demolish a garage.  


  1. Pull the Plumbing and Electrical Lines 

The first thing to do when demolishing a house or a garage is getting some permits from your local City Hall. Once you have the permits, you can request the service company to disconnect the services if the plumbing and electrical lines in your garage are really separated from your house. But if the system is connected in a main panel, turn the garage’s breaker or sub-panel. Disconnect any water lines and branch gas lines and cap them. After this, you should pull the pipes and wires safely from the wall. The fixtures can be recycled in your next garage.  

       2.Uncover the Roof and Siding 

The only way to remove the roofing system of your garage is to get it piece by piece, especially if these are shingles. If it’s still in good condition, you can recycle the plywood sheathing. Prepare the truck and pile the roofs to dispose them easily. Remove the window and door trim to successfully remove the siding. If you can get the siding with no damage, you can reuse them. The drywall can be removed easily; it’s not recyclable to just tear it down.   

       3. Remove the Doors and Windows 

The biggest task you’re probably going to encounter when demolishing a garage is removing its door and windows, especially if you have the high-powered ones. It will require a couple of helping hands, so you should really ask for help. When you pull the windows, make sure you’re wearing googles and gloves to protect yourself. If you don’t have plans on recycling the windows and door, someone else might. So store them in a dry and safe place and call a recycled material dealer.  

        4. Dismantle the Framing 

When you dismantle the framing, prepare a hammer, pry bar and protective gear. You will also need an assistant especially when taking down the pre-built roof trusses. While you remove the framing member, it’s important to de-nail them first. At the end of the day, you’ll end up with several pounds of screws, nails and other fasteners.  


Reasons to Have Carpets at Home

One of the best ways to spend and invest our money is to the development and beautification of our home. After all, this is where we live in, and we want this place to be the best it can be. To develop our homes, especially our interiors, is to add furnishings like carpets. Carpets are made to cover our floors; it is made of thick fabrics that are woven together. 

Carpets have been already used by households long before, because of the fact that they give a lot of benefits to its owners. If you are planning to buy and have one, here is a list of reasons to have carpets at home.  


  1. Appearance and Style

When our flooring is plain and dull that it gives no aesthetic value to our interiors, we can utilize carpets and cover them. Carpets are available in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and textures, which enables you to choose the style that you want. 

Another advantage of carpets is that it dictates the tone of color and atmosphere of your interiors. If you want a cool atmosphere, then lightly colored carpets can do the job (blue, white, etc.); conversely, if you want warmer atmosphere, you can choose carpets that are brightly colored (red, orange, etc.). As the tone setter, you can purchase your future furnishing by matching and complementing its color according to your carpet’s color. 

  1. Comfort

Carpets have thick woven fibers, which means that it will give a full and soft texture and feeling. This is one of the main advantages of carpets; it gives you the feeling of comfort. Aside from the people in your home and familiarity of the place, you often associate the word comfort to your home because it has the feel of your carpet; you can just lie down or sit in its soft cushion. 

  1. Acoustics

Another advantage that carpets provide is they give value to the acoustics of your home. What I mean by this is that carpets absorb sound from people’s footsteps. Carpets are very good to have if you have children that are always running around, the sound of their steps can be very distracting especially if you are working at home.  

  1. Safety

As mentioned, carpets are very good to have if you have kids always running around, it is also because carpets can ask a cushion if your kids accidentally slip or trip over. Carpets can also absorb water spills that can be the reason of your slipping; carpets save you also. Carpets can also be the cushion to save your electronic devices, it can cushion their fall, and you might save a lot of dollars from buying a new one. 


These are only a few of the many advantages of having carpets at home. If you are interested in having a carpet at home for the first time or changing your old carpets, you can contact Carpet Installation for excellent carpeting services which you will never regret.


Tips In Good Commercial Landscape Design 

Commercial landscaping is very different from residential landscaping where you don’t have to worry about certain factors. Residential designs can mainly focus on the form while commercial landscape design must be concerned with both the form and the function. It shouldn’t just look good, but it must also, enhance the look of the establishment with reasonable designs that can attract customers to go in. Here are the basic tips on how to make commercial landscape design both aesthetical and functional. 

 Landscape Design

Firstly, the design should be able to convey the right message. Your establishment mainly has a function, the business has a function and a brand that is why your landscape design should also help out enhance that function and design and speak of about the kind of things you do inside your establishment. If you are into professional business, the landscape should be minimalistic and elegant whereas if the establishment is an amusement park or such, a fountain and colorful flowers should be endowed in order to enhance the park’s function. Also, you should also consider having benches and standby areas in your landscape design. It can truly help people engage with the function of your establishment. They won’t just go and see around the beautiful designs but they can stay and entices them to stay longer. 

Your landscape design should also be sensitive with the flow of traffic. It should be able to direct its flow not add to it. You can do this by highlighting the pathways and entrance points with appropriate types of trees or plants. You should also add definite walkways by putting concrete or stone so that the people would know where to step and avoid damaging your landscape. Also, just like the previous tip, before making people stay longer, the design should obviously attract people who can be future clients of the commercial establishment. By putting a bold statement in your landscape design, it can intrigue people and attract them to the kind of products or service you are offering. By this, it is also important to maintain the cleanliness and healthiness of the landscape in order to keep attracting customers in your business. 

Lastly, your landscape design should be able to conserve energy and water. This is mostly done through the planting of trees where you can shade your establishment during the heat of the summer or trees that can shield you from the wind or even winter. You can also do this by choosing the right color. There are colors who absorb lots of eat and there are those who save you from it. You can also add a green roof in order to lessen the energy consumption. 

Commercial landscaping is indeed more complex than residential landscaping. It has to have certain kind of functions that can be a determining factor of how your establishment or business will run after several years. In order to truly successful in this kind of project, it is best to hire a landscape professional from brand to give you proper knowledge about these landscaping things and also with the maintenance and the decision making.